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Babatunde Adeyemo
Managing Director

Babatunde Adeyemo

Tunde Adeyemo, Chief Executive Officer of Pelican Valley Nig. Ltd, is not a professional town planner, neither is he an architect, engineer, builder or environmentalist! But the exploits of the Ibadan-born proactive journalist in real estate has made people wondered whether journalism, his choice of profession was not a mistake.

However, youthful Adeyemo, in his early forties, is always quick in his response, 

that he could not have gotten the leverage he received from the noble journalism profession, saying that it opened and is still opening many doors of opportunities for him.

The Correspondent of the MITV in Ogun State, is doing a commendable job in Abeokuta, not only in journalism, which brought him to the gateway capital from Lagos, many years back, but also in real estate through his business outfit, The Pelican Valley.

Through Pelican, Adeyemo has complemented governments, both at the state and federal levels to meet the housing needs of many Nigerians, through provision of affordable housing programmes.

What Adeyemo has turned the once hilly thick bush of the Arobiologbo Village to within six years, leaves tongue wagging that he must have probably studied engineering and town planning from his mother’s womb.

It is difficult to believe the transformation that has taken place within such a short time, about seven years in Pelican, a place where many prospective landlords, who visited, once rejected because of its bareness, locality and haven for wild animals and other reasons.

Today, Pelican Valley is a success story; a reference point in real estate development in Ogun State through the ingenuity of Adeyemo, who continues to dazzle clients, professional colleagues, business associates with uncommon innovations. This usually endears him to customers within Ogun State, Nigeria and indeed outside the country, that strive to own a parcel of land from the well-planned ‘unusual homes’ of Pelican Estates in Abeokuta.

Adeyemo’s resolve to look beyond journalism practice, which brought him to the political capital of the Egbaland has really paid off as he ranks among top real estate merchants in the state capital with what he termed ‘Property-Journalism Entrepreneurship’.

His first pet project, Pelican Valley, which is just less than five minutes’ drive from the Abeokuta train main station, named after the Noble Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, though today a success story, was a big challenge and tough for the enterprising real estate merchant who later surmounted the odds.

Interview Section



I am a native of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, but I was born in Ikorodu, hence I practically spent most of my life in Lagos. I started my education at Etunrenren Primary School, Ikorodu, in 1983 and later proceeded to the Government College, also in Ikorodu for my secondary education. After that, I got admitted into a Cooperative College where I obtained a Diploma in Cooperative Studies. Thereafter, I was admitted into the University of Lagos in 1998 where I bagged my first degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. I subsequently bagged a master’s degree from the same institution in 2010.


The Pelican Valley is a dream driven by passion and not money. It is a project realised after many years of planning. I believe an ideal entrepreneur should first be driven by passion and not money.

The estate has been designed to create a scenic, serene and green environment. We do service plot allotments and build unusual homes for our clients; both Nigerians and foreigners that appreciate the aesthetics of nature and know the values of our world class terrace, serene and green environment.

It is a mini estate for the top notch; driven by passion and vision which has been defined through our high-end creativity and innovation. It has positioned itself to provide affordable service plots of lands with best environmental consideration for its numerous clients. The estate is meant to provide affordable housing for Nigerians and other nationals in an unusual environment where they will get value for their investments. In the estate, there are over three hectares of land with valid certificate of Occupancy No. 0035646.

It is located at Oke Mosan, along Kobape Road, (behind Buckswood British-Academy, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital). For now, we are not there yet, but we are making considerable progress considering our humble beginning. In fact, most of our estates are mini ones because we don’t want to bite more than we can chew.

We have made our immediate environment more green, accessible and illuminating. We are also planning a public motorised borehole for our immediate community.


We chose Masa-Kopabe for the Pelican-Brief site because of its proximity to the Rail Terminal in Abeokuta. It is also the only place that one can get the kind of land that we needed that is closer to the rail terminal in Abeokuta as well as to the seat of power in Ogun and at the same time free from government acquisition.

We realised that the past administration had acquired almost parcels of land that situates and extends from both left and right of the Abeokuta-Sagamu Inter-change. That’s why it took us almost two years before we discovered Masa and we thank God for everything. There are many unique and attractive features about the location of the Pelican Brief Estate.

One of them is Rural Electrification project embarked upon by the administration of Chief Olusegun Osoba. I will like to commend him for the foresight of installing a 33-KVA trunk line which is more than perfect for the area and our project. The road network is also all seasons good. So, to us Masa is a hidden treasure uncovered by us and we are ready to explore its potential and put the community on world map as a place anyone can live and work in Lagos, Oyo and indeed in Ogun.

It is a conducive environment. We also want to commend the Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun which I usually refer to as the ‘Prince Of Hope’, for his administration’s resolve to make life better for rural dwellers. In particular, we equally want to appreciate him for the rehabilitation and re-asphalting of the Abeokuta-Sagamu Interchange roads which has also placed us at better advantage.

We now have better roads and we are closer to major landmarks in Ogun state. In addition, I want to commend the governor for giving realtors a latitude to operate without hindrance or fear of unnecessary government acquisitions. He made it clear that he was ready for public-private partnership in any sector to make Ogun investors’ delight, and this, he has been doing.

To me, such hand of friendship by the government has been a great elixir for property business. I say a big thank you to the governor. Considering the benefits earlier highlighted, buying a plot of land at Pelican Brief now for N600,000.00 is an investment of N2.5 million in the nearest future.


We have a flexible payment plan which includes down payment of 50 percent of the cost and the balance can be over six months. Let it be on records too that after the full payment for the land, a client still has to pay for survey, legal fee and development levy which will help us in fixing the major infrastructure envisioned for the estate such as good roads, electrification and so on.

Unlike in the Pelican Valley that we waited for people to commence building before asking for development levy, just to attract customers, Pelican Brief will not be like that. All necessary fees and levies must be paid in full before commencement of development.


I practise Journalism and Real Estate simultaneously. I still report for Murhi International Television (MITV). So, journalism is a calling while real estate is my passion. One thing you can’t take away from the management of MITV is that, they allow staff development and permit workers that are creative to ventilate their creativity once it does not affect official duties and delivery.

I must thank the Chairman, Murhi Group, Alhaji Busari Gbadeyanka for his magnanimity. I will forever be grateful to him. Journalism has really given me a leap and it has helped my real estate business in the sense that it opens door for me. As a journalist who has been practising for close to fifteen years, the links and contacts are there for me to explore and take their advantages. My credibility has also helped as I have not been linked to any fraud, falsification or controversy. I am just a gentleman and I will remain so.

That name and goodwill in journalism has really helped me towards developing my passion. Although, the real estate business has been paying my bills in the past four years but isn’t a valid reason to abandon journalism. I was not brought up to abandon anyone that once assisted me in life. I do not want to be an ingrate. Rather than abandon MITV, I have been giving back to the company; doing my job almost free of charge and equally, contributing to that organisation positively in the last two years. I’ve made up my mind that if they still want my service, I will continue to render my service almost at no cost to the organisation. An African Proverb says: “A good name is better than riches”. What we have done in Pelican Valley has really helped us a great deal because all our customers there are automatically sharing in the Pelican Brief vision and are not taking it lightly with us.

They are buying in acres because they have seen what we have done in Pelican Valley. For your information, before take-off, we have almost sold out on our first site at the Pelican Brief because they realised almost 100 percent return on investment in just one year as we are strategically positioned to major landmarks in Ogun State.

It is not just buying a plot of land for a ridiculous amount of money in a bush and not getting necessary return on investment in ten to fifteen years that matters. If you bought from us, from the Pelican Brief, you are sure of getting over 100 hundred percent, return on investment in just one year.


The Pelican-Brief, meant to ignite a smart city is in Kobape, an Egba community which is easily accessible from Lagos and Oyo. It is less than 16 minutes’ drive from the Prof. Wole Soyinka’s Train Terminus in Abeokuta. For the records, trains in the new rail project being sponsored by the Federal Government is to run 160 kilometre per hour from Ebute-Meta to Abeokuta in less than 75 kilometres! We’re targeting Lagos and Oyo states’ markets. We want to bring Lagos, Oyo to Ogun.

We’re targeting all the terminals in Lagos. The one in Agege, Ebute Metta. The Ebute Metta rail terminal to the Prof. Wole Soyinka Terminal (WST) in Abeokuta is about 25 kilometres; running at 150 kilometre per hour by rail. So, From Wole Soyinka Rail Terminal in Abeokuta to the Pelican Brief is Masa -Kobape is just fifteen minutes.

So, when you add the real distance from the Ebute Meta Rail Terminal to the Wole Soyinka terminal to our estate, the total is just about 50 minutes. So one can work in Victoria Island and reside in Abeokuta which will be very easy to commute. We’re also targeting the people in Ibadan too.

It will take barely 30 minutes or so from the WST to the Pelican Brief by road which is just barely 15 minutes. To achieve our dream, we have secured about 300 acres of land for the Pelican Brief Estate as we want to ignite a smart city there.


They are both good products except that one consumes more energy and time than the other. Pelican Valley is a difficult terrain which with God’s help, we have been able to remarkably transform. Landscaping this location took us almost seven years.

That’s very unusual. It is rare to see an investor acquire a piece of land in a difficult terrain, run around to get valid government C of O which took us almost three years and then landscaping the area to make it a unique atmosphere for investors. Many of the big names that we have around in real estate cannot dare what we have done in the Pelican Valley.

I believe it is God that made it to happen and forever we will be grateful to Him. Comparing Pelican Valley with Pelican Brief is like comparing running on a hilly sand for over 7 years and running on a turf with suitable shoes.

Considering what we faced in Pelican Valley, Pelican Brief will be very easy for us to explore thereby making it easy to achieve our aims and objectives. With what God has used us to achieve in Pelican Valley, by His grace we will achieve more and perform wonders in Pelican Brief.


The name ‘Pelican Valley’ was born out of the uniqueness of our estate terrain. It’s a difficult terrain which was turned to a beauty and therefore, becoming a reference point in the Ogun State’s real estate sector. Pelican is a powerful bird that signifies vigour and energy to defy all odds to deliver in a critical situation. That is why our estate’s pay-off line is ‘where unusual homes happen’.

What we do at Pelican Valley is a sort of a site and service scheme with emphasis on creativity. This is because our entry into the real estate sector was motivated by my passion for unusual homes and my humble background. So, at Pelican Valley, we do service plot allotments and assist to build unusual homes for our clients.

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