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…where unusual homes happen

Welcome to the Pelican-Valley

…where unusual homes happen

Company story

Pelican-valley estate and park is carefully designed to reveal the aesthetics of its nature and also encourage constructions of unusual homes. Pelican-valley estate and park has a valid certificate of occupancy C of O . The estate is free from all government acquisitions, including new town acquisition.

Vision Statement

To be a trail brazer in the provision of affordable but aesthetically appealing houses in a severe environment for all categories of people in the society.

Mission and Vision Statements

  • To us, customers are kings.
  • We shall continue to work with a team of thoroughly bred professionals to offer quality services.
  • We shall be committed to offering quality services.
  • Transparency and probity are our core values.
  • We shall at all time offer support services to our customers.
  • We will not bend the truth to make a sale.
  • For every single customer, we will work as hard as we can to help them achieve their dreams.
  • We are grateful and inspired to be working with a selected team of professionals whom we believe are the most capable, honest and hard-working in the country.
  • We believe that working hard at something you love to do, with people you trust, is one of the greatest experiences in life.
  • We love to help our customers find a house that can become a happy home
  • We are devoted to our family, our colleagues, our community, and our country.
  • We are proud to offer what we feel are the finest homes in the country.
  • Finally, we believe that our business can be successful for generations, only if we continue a Tradition of Trust.

Our professional team

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Pelican Valley in the News

Our Media Watch

City People Award

A top celebrity magazine, City People has honoured the Managing Director/CEO of Pelican Valley Estate, Babatunde Adeyemo, with a special award at its maiden edition of City People Ogun State Entrepreneurship Award.

Pelican-Valley CEO speaking on Youth Development

Pelican-Valley CEO speaking on Youth entrepreneurial development as a veritable means of checking social vices among Nigerian youths.